Cheryl Stearns uses her thirty-five years of experience as a world-class parachuting competitor to coach teams and individuals in the parachuting classics of style and accuracy.

By evaluating and assessing each jumper’s accuracy landing abilities, then conducting classroom instruction, followed by practical application of the fundamental principals she teaches for style and accuracy brings swift results.  Video of each jump is an important part of Cheryl’s training program. Seeing their errors and progress, with immediate feedback and instruction, prior to making their next jump, increases their learning. Being able to recognize what they are doing in flight and landing, as well as what others are doing, and then being able to identify what corrective actions need to be taken is an end result of Cheryl’s coaching.

Cheryl coached the India Military Parachute Team in 2007 as they prepared to compete in the 2007 Military World Games, being hosted in India.  She trained the Chinese-Taipei national competitors prior to their participation in the 2009 World Games held in Chinese-Taipei.  Cheryl coached the Brazil Military Parachute Team from 2010 until the week prior to them competing at the 2011 Military World Games, which were hosted by Brazil.  It was a rewarding experience for Cheryl to see the first Brazilian women’s military parachute team become consistent in landing on the tuffet.

If you are interested in Cheryl coaching your team, you may contact her here.